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Full Sew in Hair Extensions

$250- All Hair Types!

For a Limited time only.

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FULL Sew in Weave

Hair Extensions

now $700

(Cost of Hair included)

*For *New* Clients Only.

Please call/text 619-929-5533

for availability.


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What should I do to my hair before my appointment?




What is a Sew in?

The Sew in Weave is  a Method Hair extensions in which your real hair is braided in Corn Rows or French Braids

and then Wefted hair pieces are sew unto the braided hair.



What are the Pros/ Cons of a Sew in Weave/Hair extensions?


If a Sew In Weave is installed correctly it can actually help grow your hair.

For those with Alopecia or with thinning breaking hair, a

Semi-Permanent Hair replcement system (an advancement on the sew in method,)

is a great way to restore confidence without having to resort to wigs.

Sew in Weave Installation requires no heat glue or chemicals.


When installed incorrectly or improperly, it can look and feel unnatural and in many cases, cause some damage.


>How do I ensure a comfortable Extension Experience?  <

We encourage consistent feedback from the client to alert us at any point the installation becomes uncomfortable.

It is important that the client communicates with us throughout the process so damage and discomfort can be avoided..


>How Long do Extensions and Hair Replacement Systems take to install?<

2.5- 4 hours, depending on the service.


What are Tape in Seamless Extensions? <

Tape in Extensions are Pre-taped, glue free extensions pieces . They're comfortable and blend well with your natural hair.

With Proper care, each install can last up to 8 weeks with the hair pieces being reusable for up to a year.


>What makes 'Hair By Jmoli' a boutique Salon?<

Here we offer a one on one salon experience where clients are catered to privately and exclusively.


> How long have you been in business?<

We have specialised in Hair Extensions and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for over 14 years.


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